MIT Global Studies and Languages is at the core of the Institute's experience. With annual enrollments (undergraduate enrollments) averaging around 2,100 per year over the past decade, global languages continues to top the list of concentrations offered at MIT... a total of 501 active concentrators in AY2014.

"My MIT GSL coursework opened my eyes to the staggering breadth of human achievement beyond science and engineering, showing that human interaction is as nuanced and fascinating and relevant as any physics model or math proof or computer system."

- Chris Yang

SB '08 in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science


“We live in a time of globalization, so it could be kind of difficult to understand what the big deal is. What's the difference? We all have Wikipedia and McDonald's and Nikes and iPhones; it's one world. And to a degree, that's true. We do have similar things at our disposal, but as much as we'd like to pretend otherwise, it's hard to deny that our backgrounds largely influence our attitudes and behavior and outlooks on life. And grab two people from opposite sides of the globe, chances are their backgrounds are very, very different.”

- John Mikhael

SB ’13 in Mathmatics


"Intro. to Hispanic Literature was one of the most challenging classes I took while at MIT, but also one of the most rewarding.”

- Dember Giraldez 

SB '10 in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science


"“First, I most certainly would not be at MIT without the experience of learning Russian. The skills and experiences I gained learning a new, challenging language instilled in me the confidence to be curious about what else there is out in the world." READ MORE

- Amanda von Goetz

Graduate student, Sloan