Subject IDsort descending Title
21F.024 The Linguistic Study of Bilingualism
21F.027 Visualizing Japan in the Modern World
21F.043 Introduction to Asian American Studies: Historical and Contemporary Issues
21F.046 Modern Chinese Fiction and Cinema
21F.049 French Photography
21F.054 France 1660-1815: Enlightenment, Revolution, Napoleon
21F.064 Introduction to Japanese Culture
21F.074 Topics in Portuguese Popular Culture
21F.076 Globalization: The Good, the Bad and the In-Between
21F.084 Introduction to Latin American Studies
21F.101 Chinese I (Regular)
21F.103 Chinese III (Regular)
21F.105 Chinese V (Regular): Discovering Chinese Cultures and Societies
21F.107 Chinese I (Streamlined)
21F.109 Chinese III (Streamlined)
21F.113 Chinese V (Streamlined)
21F.151 Chinese I (Regular)
21F.157 Chinese I (Streamlined)
21F.171 Chinese I (Regular) - Globalization
21F.173 Chinese III (Regular) - Globalization
21F.175 Chinese V (Regular) - Globalization
21F.181 Chinese I (Streamlined) - Globalization
21F.183 Chinese III (Streamlined) - Globalization
21F.185 Chinese V (Streamlined) - Globalization
21F.192 Modern Chinese Fiction and Cinema
21F.219 Workshop in Written Expression (ELS)
21F.220 Workshop in Written Expression (ELS)
21F.222 Expository Writing for Bilingual Students
21F.223 Listening, Speaking and Pronunciation (ELS)
21F.224 Listening, Speaking, and Pronunciation (ELS)
21F.225 Advanced Workshop in Writing for Science and Engineering (ELS)
21F.226 Advanced Workshop in Writing for Science and Engineering (ELS)
21F.232 Advanced Speaking and Critical Listening Skills (ELS)
21F.233 Advanced Speaking and Critical Listening Skills (ELS)
21F.301 French I
21F.302 French II
21F.303 French III
21F.304 French IV
21F.306 French: Communication Intensive I
21F.307 French: Communication Intensive II
21F.308 Writing (Like the) French
21F.346 Topics in Modern French Literature and Culture
21F.347 Social and Literary Trends in Contemporary Short French Fiction
21F.351 French I
21F.352 French II
21F.371 French I - Globalization
21F.372 French II - Globalization
21F.373 French III - Globalization
21F.374 French IV - Globalization
21F.401 German I
21F.402 German II
21F.403 German III
21F.404 German IV
21F.406 German: Communication Intensive I
21F.407 German: Communication Intensive II
21F.412 Advanced German: Literature and Culture
21F.414 German Culture, Media, and Society
21F.451 German I
21F.452 German II
21F.471 German I - Globalization
21F.472 German II - Globalization
21F.473 German III - Globalization
21F.474 German IV - Globalization
21F.501 Japanese I
21F.503 Japanese III
21F.505 Japanese V
21F.514 Linguistic Theory and Japanese Language
21F.551 Japanese I
21F.571 Japanese I - Globalization
21F.573 Japanese III - Globalization
21F.575 Japanese V - Globalization
21F.590 Visualizing Japan in the Modern World
21F.592 Introduction to Japanese Culture
21F.611 Russian I (Regular)
21F.613 Russian III (Regular)
21F.615 Russian I (Streamlined)
21F.701 Spanish I
21F.702 Spanish II
21F.703 Spanish III
21F.704 Spanish IV
21F.708 Spanish: Communication Intensive I
21F.709 Spanish: Communication Intensive II
21F.712 Spanish Conversation and Composition
21F.713 Advanced Communication in Spanish: Film, Visual Arts, and Fiction
21F.717 Introduction to Spanish Culture
21F.735 Advanced Topics in Hispanic Literature and Film
21F.751 Spanish I
21F.752 Spanish II
21F.771 Spanish I - Globalization
21F.772 Spanish II - Globalization
21F.773 Spanish III - Globalization
21F.774 Spanish IV - Globalization
21F.792 Spanish Conversation and Composition - Globalization
21F.801 Portuguese I
21F.803 Portuguese III
21F.820 Topics in Modern Portuguese Literature and Culture
21F.851 Portuguese I
21F.855 Accelerated Introductory Portuguese for Spanish Speakers
21F.870 Accelerated Introductory Portuguese for Spanish Speakers - Globalization
21F.871 Portuguese I - Globalization
21F.880 Accelerated Introductory Portuguese for Spanish Speakers
21F.911 Independent Study
21F.THT Pre-Thesis Tutorial: Global Studies and Languages
21F.THU Global Studies and Languages Thesis
21F.UR Undergraduate Research
21F.URG Undergraduate Research