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Articles in Refereed Journals

2002 - “Français et Américains en vis-à-vis: dialogues et découvertes,” The Tocqueville Review/La Revue Tocqueville, XXIII, (2) fall: 101-122.


Chapters in Books

2010 - “Integrating telecollaboration into the language classroom: some insights,” with Gilberte Furstenberg, in Melinda Dooly and Robert O’Dowd, eds. Telecollaboration 2.0 for Language and Intercultural Learning. New York: Peter Lang Publishing Group, pp. 305-336.

2006 - “Internet-mediated Intercultural Foreign Language Education: The Cultura Project,” with B. Bauer, L. deBenedette, G. Furstenberg, and S. Waryn, in J. A. Belz and S. L.Thorne, eds. Internet-mediated Intercultural Foreign Language Education. Boston: Heinle & Heinle, pp. 31-62.

2006 - “Using the Web to Develop Students’ In-depth Understanding of Foreign Cultural Attitudes and Values,” with S. Waryn, in R. P. Donaldson and M. Haggstrom, eds., Changing Language Education through CALL. New York: Routledge, pp. 95-118.


Other Publications – Refereed

2006 - Guide d’activités (Activities Workbook), with G. Furstenberg, to accompany interactive fiction CD-ROM A la rencontre de Philippe, CLE International, Paris (64 pp.)

2001 - “Giving a Virtual Voice to the Silent Language of Culture: The Cultura Project,” co-authored with G. Furstenberg, K. English, K. Maillet, Language Learning and Technology Journal, Vol. 5 (1), pp. 55-102.

2000  - “Quant à moi Online Activities” to accompany J. Bragger and D. Rice Quant à Moi…Témoignages des Français et des Francophones. Boston: Heinle and Heinle.

1999 - Teachers Guide, co-authored with G. Furstenberg, to accompany CD-ROM Dans un quartier de Paris, Yale University Press (192 pp.)

1999 - Student Activities Workbook, to accompany CD-ROM Dans Un Quartier de Paris, Yale University Press, (96 pp.)


Other Publications – Non-Refereed

2010 - Le Tramway et Vélib’ à Paris (video interviews, images, articles and links, under development)

2010 - Cultura Tutorial Videos , online technological support for users of the Cultura Exchange Tool, at> Learn About Cultura > FAQ

2009 - Cultura Community Website , writing and editing multiple sections, in particular Teacher’s Guide, Pedagogical and Technological questions

2009 - Cross-Cultural Comparison Through Film, UC Consortium for Language Learning and Teaching

1987 - “A Walk Through Paris,” 30-minute video for series Rendez-vous with France, Brookline Community Cable and the French Library, Boston.