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Eric Grunwald is a lecturer in MIT's English Language Studies Program

Eric Grunwald is a lecturer in MIT's English Language Studies Program and teaches a variety of communication courses for undergraduates and graduate students, including Expository Composition for Bilingual Students; Speaking, Listening, and Pronunciation; and graduate-level scientific and technical writing.

Prior to joining MIT in 2012, he taught at Boston University, both in its Center for English Language and Orientation Programs (CELOP) and its College of Arts and Sciences Writing Program, as well as at Suffolk University and Roxbury Community College. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Stanford University (history) and a master’s from Boston University (English/creative writing) and began his teaching career in Berlin during the German Reunification, teaching English to former East Germans who needed to know English instead of Russian. He has significant scientific and technological background as well, having begun at Stanford as a potential astrophysicist or electrical engineer and before turning to the humanities co-authoring a computer game and worked on an experiment for NASA’s space shuttle, writing code that flew on two missions.

Since coming to MIT Grunwald has designed a website for instructing students, particularly bilingual undergraduates, in the use of a formal writing process ( He has also been a judge for the section’s Awards for Excellence in Global Studies and Languages and, this year, the Isabelle de Courtivron Prize.

His research interests include second-language expository and graduate writing and the writing process for second-language students.

Grunwald is also an active fiction writer and occasional translator and book reviewer.