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Articles in Refereed Journals

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Chapters in Books

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Other Publications -- Non-Refereed

2005    “Chosakuken shingai bôshisaku no paradokkusu:  Sony, Avex ga ‘kopii kinshi’ o akirameta riyû” [The Anti-Piracy Paradox:  Why Sony and Avex Gave Up on Copy-Control CDs], Shûkan Tôyô Keizai [Eastern Economy Weekly], 5933: 112-13 (Short Essay).

2005    “Must-Download TV and Cool Japan,” Anthropology News, 46(1): 53 (Short Essay).

Book Reviews

2013    “China with a Cut: Urban Youth, Music, and Globalization” by Jeroen de Kloet, book review for American Anthropologist, 115(4): 383-84. 
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Film Review

2004    “Katana Envy” Essay Film Review in Education About Asia, Vol. 9, No. 3, pp. 70-72.