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2004 - “OCW as Knight Errant: OpenCourseWare launches translations into Spanish and Portuguese,” with D. Morgenstern. MIT Faculty Newsletter.  December/January, pp.26-27.

1997 -Spanish IV on the Web,” The Insider, the Academic Computing Newsletter. Spring, pp. 5.

1996 - “ ‘Paradoja’: From Documentary Film to Interactive CD-ROM,” Consortium NewsConsortium for Language Teaching and Learning. Spring, pp. 3-8.


Other Publications


1999 - “Paradoja,” CD-ROM for fourth semester Spanish (with M. González-Aguilar).

1997 - “Juntos Interactivo,” CD-ROM for beginning Spanish (content developer with D. Morgenstern, M. González-Aguilar, A. Chiquito, and J. Renjilian Burgy), Learningways and Prentice Hall.

1994-96 - Contributor to “No recuerdo,” an unpublished interactive video simulation for third-semester Spanish.           


Online Projects

2011- present - Principal Investigator, “ViVo: Online Tools for Speaking Practice,” curricular materials for interactive and collaborative listening and speaking practice.

2006 - Principal Investigator, “España Hoy,” web-based study unit on Spanish life and culture for intermediate and advanced level Spanish. <>.

2000 - Co-Director, "Immigrant Voices: Stories from Hispanic Immigrants in the Boston Area," web-based study unit for intermediate and advanced level Spanish (with A. Gutiérrez). <>.

1999 - Co-Director, “Módulos culturales: España de cerca,” web-based study unit for intermediate and advanced level Spanish (with A. Gutiérrez). <>.

1998 - Co-Designer,“FORMA,” electronic journal and virtual forum on the World Wide Web, created for the evaluation of learning and teaching materials for Spanish (with D. Morgenstern).

1997 - Co-Director, “Crossroads: The Integration of the Teaching of Spanish Language and Culture through Technology.”  Class of '51/ Class of '55 Fund for Teaching and Education Enhancement curriculum development project integrating the World Wide Web, audio and video resources to develop cultural- and historical-based models for teaching intermediate level Spanish (with M. Resnick).



2002 - Co-Producer, “Nuestras Voces: Being Latina at MIT,” documentary film about the experience of Latinas at MIT. <>.