Studies in International Literatures and Cultures (SILC)

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Subject ID TITLE Level Fall IAP Spring Faculty OFF-YEAR Year
21G.011 Topics in Indian Popular Culture Undergraduate N N Y Banerjee, Arundhati Y 2016
21G.019 Communicating Across Cultures Undergraduate N N Y Dunphy, Jane Y 2016
21G.022 International Women's Voices Undergraduate N N Y Resnick, Margery Y 2016
21G.024 The Linguistic Study of Bilingualism Undergraduate Y N N Flynn, Suzanne Y 2018
21G.027 Visualizing Japan in the Modern World Undergraduate Y N N Miyagawa, Shigeru Y 2018
21G.030 Introduction to East Asian Cultures: From Zen to K-Pop Undergraduate Y N N Teng Chung, Emma Y 2018
21G.036 Advertising and Media: Comparative Perspectives Undergraduate N N Y Wang, Jing Y 2017
21G.039 Gender and Japanese Popular Culture Undergraduate Y N N Condry, Ian Y 2016
21G.040 A Passage to India: Introduction to Modern Indian Culture and Society Undergraduate N N Y Banerjee, Arundhati Y 2017
21G.045 Global Chinese Food Undergraduate N N Y Lee, Heather Y 2016
21G.046 Modern Chinese Fiction and Cinema Undergraduate Y N N Wang, Jing Y 2018
21G.047 Cultures of East Asia Undergraduate Y N N Buyandelger, Manduhai Y 2017
21G.048 Images of Asian Women: Dragon Ladies and Lotus Blossoms Undergraduate N N Y Buyandelger, Manduhai Y 2016
21G.049 French Photography Undergraduate N N Y Clark, Catherine Y 2017
21G.052 French Film Classics Undergraduate Y N N Rennebohm, Katherine Y 2018
21G.053 Understanding Contemporary French Politics Undergraduate Y N N Perreau, Bruno Y 2017
21G.055 Media in Weimar and Nazi Germany Undergraduate N N Y Uricchio, William Y 2016
21G.057 Gender in Science, Technology, and Environment Undergraduate N N Y Stoetzer, Bettina Y 2017
21G.058 Migration, Race and Ethnicity in a New Europe and Germany Undergraduate Y N N Stoetzer, Bettina Y 2017
21G.063 Anime: Transnational Media and Culture Undergraduate N N Y Condry, Ian Y 2017
21G.064 Introduction to Japanese Culture Undergraduate Y N N Roquet, Paul Y 2018
21G.065 Japanese Literature and Cinema Undergraduate N N Y Cullen, Jennifer Y 2016
21G.067 Digital Media in Japan and Korea Undergraduate N N Y Roquet, Paul Y 2017
21G.068 The Invention of French Theory: A History of Transatlantic Intellectual Life since 1945 Undergraduate Y N N Perreau, Bruno Y 2016
21G.070 Latin America and the Global Sixties: Counterculture and Revolution Undergraduate Y N N Greene, Landon Y 2018
21G.074 Topics in Portuguese Popular Culture Undergraduate N N Y Igrejas, Antonio Y 2017
21G.075 The Global Chinese: Chinese Migration, 1567-Present Undergraduate Y N N Teng Chung, Emma Y 2016
21G.076 Globalization: The Good, the Bad and the In-Between Undergraduate Y N N Resnick, Margery Y 2016
21G.077 Introduction to the Classics of Russian Literature Undergraduate N N Y Khotimsky, Maria Y 2017
21G.078 Latin America Through Film Undergraduate N N Y Padilla, Tanalis Y 2017
21G.084 Introduction to Latin American Studies Undergraduate Y N N Padilla, Tanalis Y 2017
21G.085 Imperial and Revolutionary Russia: Culture and Politics, 1700-1917 Undergraduate Y N N Wood, Elizabeth Y 2018
21G.086 Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics and Society: 1917 to the Present Undergraduate N N Y Wood, Elizabeth Y 2017
21G.094 Cinema in Japan and Korea Undergraduate Y N N Roquet, Paul Y 2018