MIT Global Studies and Languages offers five different patterns of concentration for our students. A HASS concentration may include one subject taken outside of MIT. For students who have done a semester abroad, two subjects may be taken outside of MIT for the concentration with the approval of the concentration and transfer advisors.

MIT GSL Concentration Requirements

1) Students beginning with Level I language subjects must continue through Level IV to complete a concentration.
2) Any other concentration consists of three subjects that form a coherent grouping and must be approved by a concentration advisor before the end of your sophomore year.

CONCENTRATION A: Concentration in a Language
Students must complete language Level I -IV in a single language.
Note: If you have completed a language at Level I elsewhere, you may begin this sequence at the Level II .


CONCENTRATION B: Concentration in a Language II
Students begin with language level III and take two subjects in addition.


CONCENTRATION C: Language, Culture and Literature
The minimal language level for this concentration is IV; students must take two subjects at Level IV or above, plus one subject chosen from Studies in International Languages and Cultures (SILC) that  is relevant to the language being studied. For example, students who have taken Spanish IV will take one more advanced subject in Spanish, and one of the SILC subjects that covers Spanish and/or Latin American studies, (i.e., 21G.070, 21G.072, 21G.078, or 21G.084).


CONCENTRATION D: Languages and the Theory of Language
Students must complete course work in two languages at the level IV or above, as well as a subject on the theory of language.


CONCENTRATION E: Studies in International Languages and Cultures (SILC)
Students must complete three subjects in culture, literature, or media in translation (from 21G.011-21G.086), which form a coherent unit. This concentration is designed in consultation with the SILC concentration advisor.


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