Emma Teng discusses new exhibit in interview with MIT News

February 10, 2017

MIT News Article

3 Questions: Emma Teng on “China Comes to Tech”

New exhibit delves into history of Chinese students at MIT.

Peter Dizikes | MIT News Office 
February 9, 2017

Today MIT has extensive ties to China, but few people know how old those ties really are. The first Chinese student at MIT arrived on campus in 1877, and roughly 400 students from China matriculated at the Institute over the next half-century. Among other accomplishments, Chinese graduates of MIT helped pioneer early aircraft at Boeing and advanced research in areas including microwave spectroscopy and nonlinear control theory. Chinese students at MIT also starred in collegiate sports, from wrestling to tennis, track, and soccer. Now, a new on-campus exhibit, “China Comes to Tech: 1877-1931,” gathers materials from this chapter in MIT history for the first time. The exhibit opens today, Feb. 10, and runs free of charge through November, in MIT’s Maihaugen Gallery in Building 14N. MIT News talked with Emma Teng, a professor of history and global studies who helped develop and curate the exhibit.  






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Friday, February 10, 2017 - 9:30am