Analysis and practice of various forms of scientific and technical writing, from memos to journal articles. Strategies for conveying technical information to specialist and non-specialist audiences. Comparable to 21W.780 but methods designed to deal with special problems of advanced ELS or bilingual students. The goal of the workshop is to develop effective writing skills for academic and professional contexts. Models, materials, topics and assignments vary from term to term. Limited to 18 per section. No listeners.

First priority are students who are already engaged in research and have current writing tasks to complete and who have received a recommendation or requirement to take the class. Next are new students for whom the class is an Institute recommendation or requirement by the English Evaluation Test (EET). Next are students required or recommended to take the class based on the EET that have received that requirement in the past two years. Finally, if there is room left, grade-seeking students for whom the class is not required or recommended by the Institute with permission of the instructor.