Fourth subject in the French language sequence. Focuses on language and intercultural understanding. Students work with a variety of materials such as surveys, newspapers, commercials, films and music. Systematic work on grammar and vocabulary expands students' skills in understanding, speaking, reading and writing. Limited to 18 per section.

This subject is limited to 18 students for pedagogical purposes. Priority will be given to pre-registered students, including pre-registered undergraduates who were cut from the same class the previous semester due to the enrollment cap.  In case of over enrollment, preference given to declared French majors, minors and concentrators followed by continuing students, pre-registered students of 21G.076J, freshmen, sophomores, and juniors who have the time to continue to higher levels of French. Next would be seniors and then graduate students.  To receive priority, pre-registered students must attend the first day of class. If you wish to be enrolled in the course, it is imperative that you attend the first day and following days of the course.