Expands skills in speaking, reading, listening, and writing. Develops analytic and interpretative skills through the reading of a full-length drama as well as short prose and poetry (Dürrenmatt, Boll, Borchert, and others) and through media selections on contemporary issues in German-speaking cultures. Discussions and compositions based on these texts. Review of grammar and development of vocabulary-building strategies. Recommended for students with two years of high school German. Limited to 18 per section.

Prereq: 21G.40221G.472, or permission of instructor

Enrollment limited to 18 for pedagogical reasons. Preference will be given to pre-registered students, including pre-registered undergraduates who were cut from the same class the previous semester due to the enrollment cap. Please note that you have to attend the first day of class to maintain your preference level. In case of overenrollment, preference will be given in the following order: declared majors, declared minors, declared concentrators, continuing students, pre-registered students of 21G.076J, sophomores, juniors, freshmen, seniors and graduate students.