Investigates current trends and topics in German literature, theater, film, television, radio, and other media arts productions. Analyzes media texts in the context of their production, reception, and distribution as well as the public debates initiated by these works. Students have the opportunity to discuss topics with a writer, filmmaker, and/or media artist from Germany. Taught in German. Topics vary from term to term.

Prereg: 21G.404 or 21G.474. Can repeat for credit.


Topic for Fall 2014: Germany: Open or Closed?
Currently, there are two divergent trends in Germany: Internationalization is opening new opportunities for the arts, culture, politics, and education while simultaneously there is an increasing fear of the loss of "Heimat," privacy, and German values and identity.  A vibrant international music, theater, and art scene in Berlin is in stark contrast with a growing Neo-Nazi scene in more rural parts of the country.
In this course, we will trace these trends through contemporary materials including news media, literature, film, documentaries, and radio art, and also explore their historical roots.  Class visits by a filmmaker, artist, and/or writer will offer opportunities to discuss issues from different perspectives.