For students with no previous knowledge of Spanish. Introduction to understanding, speaking, reading, and writing Spanish. Maximal use of fundamentals of grammar in active communication. Audio- and video-based language laboratory program coordinated with and supplemented to class work. For graduate credit see 21G.751. Limited to 18 per section.

Regular Semester Sections: Enrollment limited to 18 for pedagogical reasons. Preference will be given to pre-registered students, including pre-registered undergraduates who were cut from the same class the previous semester due to the enrollment cap. Please note that you have to attend the first day of class to maintain your preference level. In case of overenrollment, preference will be given in the following order: concentrators, continuing students, sophomores, juniors, freshmen, seniors and graduate students.

IAP Sections:  Limited enrollment to 23 for pedagogical reasons.  Preference to declared Spanish concentrators, sophomores, and juniors who have no prior knowledge of Spanish. No listeners.  This subject is always overenrolled. IAP Syllabus (PDF)