Close study of a theme, a grouping of authors, or a historical period not covered in depth in other subjects. May be repeated for credit with permission of instructor. Taught in Spanish. Limited to 18.
Faculty: Abarca Torres, Ivan

Prereq: One intermediate subject in Spanish


Topic for Spring 2017: Mass Media and Modernity in the Hispanic World

This course will focus on mass media and modernity as represented in 20th century Hispanic literature and film. We will examine how certain major films and literary movements reflect key concepts of modernity, modernization, and modernism in the Hispanic world. We look critically at these concepts and how they have played out in select films and texts in relation to categories like poverty, unemployment, ethnicity, work, social class, cosmopolitanism, nationalism, industrialization, etc. Modernity, however, has not been experienced in the same way by all Hispanic countries. We will analyze some of the differences that relate to individual countries’ political environments (military dictatorships, and populist regimes, nationalist governments), paying close attention to the role played by mass media (newspapers, cinema, radio, and television) -- how mass media is influenced by groups of political and economic interests…and how those interests have first been supported by the State and then by private groups to shape content. This course will analyze a great variety of films and other visual material, as well as a selection of literary texts. The ultimate goal of the course is to give students a big picture of how the evolution of 20th century mass media and modernity has shaped today’s Hispanic countries. Taught in Spanish.

Prof. Ivan Abarca