Close study of a theme, a grouping of authors, or a historical period not covered in depth in other subjects. May be repeated for credit with permission of instructor. Taught in Spanish. Limited to 18.
Faculty: Greene, Landon

Prereq: One intermediate subject in Spanish


Topic for Spring 2018: Punk across the Americas

Bet you didn’t know the first time the phrase “punk rock” appeared in print it referred to a Chicano garage band from Detroit. This course uses various unconventional starting points to challenge Anglo centered accounts of punk music, art, and fiction while delving into this 40 year-old pop culture phenomenon to paint a different picture of the Americas. The course follows punk through the US, Latin America and the Caribbean, engaging multiple media platforms (from music and art to fiction and film).  The varied contexts and media allow for an exploration of larger phenomena: the shift from the Cold War to the era of globalization; political violence, urban despair, and DIY utopias, and the politics of gender, race, and the body. The course involves creative projects (in any medium) alongside more standard academic writing. Taught in Spanish.     

Prof. Shane Greene