Opportunity for undergraduate study of subject matter that is not covered in the regular curriculum.
Faculty: Heberer, Feng Mei

Topic for Fall 2016: Digital Asias: Online and Offline Media Cultures in the Transpacific Region.

This course explores Asian and Asian American media cultures in the “digital age.” We will examine how digital technologies – from the camera to the cell phone to the Internet – have changed habits of media consumption, production, and representation; and how they have enabled new aesthetic, social, and political movements. We will illuminate the connection between these changes and new movements with historical struggles over power, money, land, and the future. Case studies include orientalist representations in sci-fi films (e.g. Blade Runner); Japanese virtual dating games; undersea networks in the Pacific; and media piracy in China. Students will do their own field studies and prepare a final online project.

Taught by Feng-Mei Heberer

Conducted in English. 12 units. Can petition for HASS-H credit.

Prereq - none