Opportunity for undergraduate study of subject matter that is not covered in the regular curriculum.

Topic for IAP 2018: Chinese Calligrapy

As one of the most well-known traditional arts in China, Chinese calligraphy (the art of writing—書法shufa) has long been an area of interest to both novices and calligraphers. This is an introduction course to Chinese Calligraphy, which will give students an insight into the traditional uses of this ancient art. Students will learn the Chinese writing system and gain fundamental knowledge and skills of Chinese calligraphy through systematic hands-on practice with brush and ink. In addition to the immediate aspects of calligraphy as an art form, this course also examines the aesthetic values, historic development and intellectual metaphors that Chinese calligraphy embodies to further students’ understanding of the Chinese art, people and worldview. Students will work on a mini calligraphy project based on their own interest. Resources in the Boston area, including Chinatown and the Sackler collection at Harvard will also be integrated into this course. This course is taught in English. No prior knowledge of Chinese language is required

IAP: Kang Zhou