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MIT students have interests and prospects that span the globe. The academic programs in 21G —concentrations, minors, and majors— offer undergraduates the opportunity to combine a degree in any STEM-related field with extensive language and cultural studies.  


A Major brings students to a high level of proficiency in the language through in-depth study of literatures and cultures.  MIT Global Languages offers a Major in the following fields:
•    French
•    German
•    Spanish

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A Minor leads students who have already reached an intermediate level of proficiency into a more advanced study of the language and culture.  MIT Global Languages offers a Minor in the following fields:
•    Chinese
•    French
•    German
•    Japanese
•    Spanish

SHASS Minor Guidelines and Procedures


As part of the HASS Requirement, all undergraduates must complete a HASS Concentration of three or four subjects, depending on the program and level of entry. For students starting a language Concentration at level I, they must continue through level IV to complete the Concentration. For those starting at level II or higher, the Concentration is three subjects.

21G offers Concentrations in the following areas: 
•    Chinese
•    English Language Studies
•    French
•    Japanese
•    German
•    Russian
•    Portuguese
•    Spanish 
•    Studies in International Literatures and Cultures (SILC)
•    Theory of Languages
•    Other languages*

*Students may complete a Concentration in a language not offered at MIT through cross-registration at Harvard or Wellesley, or through approved transfer credits from another institution. Contact the appropriate Transfer Credit Examiner for more information about obtaining transfer credit.  

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