CI-H Courses




HASS and CI-H Subjects Taught in English




  • Satisfy HASS and Communications Requirements (CI-H)
  • No pre-requisites




Fall 2018




21G.024 Linguistic Study of Bilingualism, HASS-S, CI-H21G.030 Intro to East Asian Cultures: From Zen to K-Pop, HASS-H
21G.046 Modern Chinese Fiction and Cinema, HASS-H, CI-H21G.049 French Photography, HASS-A, CI-H
21G.058 Migration, Race, and Ethnicity in a New Europe and Germany, HASS-H, CI-H
21G.064 Intro to Japanese Culture, HASS-H, CI-H
21G.065 Japanese Literature and Cinema, HASS-H, CI-H
21G.085 Imperial and Revolutionary Russia: Culture and Politics, 1700-1917, HASS-H




Spring 2019




21G.025 Africa and the Politics of Knowledge, HASS-S
21G.026 Global Africa: Creative Cultures, HASS-H
21G.036 Advertising and Media: Comparative Perspectives, HASS-H
21G.040 A Pasage to India: Intro to Modern Indian Culture and Society, HASS-H
21G.044 Classics of Chinese LIterature in Translations, HASS-H
21G.054 France: Enlightenment and Revolution, HASS-H
21G.057 Gender in Science, Technology, and the Environment, HASS-H
21G.063 Anime: Transnational Media and Culture, HASS-H
21G.069 Anthroplogy of Sound, HASS-S
21G.070 Latin America and the Global Sixties: Counterculture and Revolution, HASS-H, CI-H
21G.077 Intro to the Classics of Russian Literature, HASS-H
21G.078 Latin America through Film, HASS-H
21G.084 Intro to Latin American Studies, HASS-S, CI-H
21G.086 Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics and Society: 1917-Present, HASS-S, CI-H
21G.094 Cinema in Japan and Korean, HASS-A
21G.221 Communicating in American Culture, HASS-H, CI-H
21G.909 Romantic Love in Chinese Narrative and Cinematic Traditions, HASS-H, CI-H