Student Profiles

Proficiency in a foreign language is a vital job skill for the 21st century and has many personal rewards as well. 


What can you do with a foreign language?


You could:


Become a Fulbright Scholar...become a Schwarzman Scholar...earn majors in engineering and biology research in Mexico...pursue a career in international for Google...serve as an Air Force for the International Monetary research for NASA...explore the cultural treasures of Paris...learn Spanish and make paella in Aero-Astro research in Russia...join the Global Teaching Lab program in Siberia or in Korea...found a global cannabis lifestyle engineering in a computer science internship in for a robotics company in for Samsung in a Chateaubriand Fellowship to do research at CRNS in France...explore Tokyo through virtual reality....apply for the Astronaut Candidate Program


The world is your oyster!

exlpore these links to see what our students and alums have done