Administrative Resources

The Global Studies and Languages Headquarters Office (GSL-HQ) provides operational, policy, and management of many essential support functions for the section, including human resources management, financial management, and management and protection of GSL's programs and facilities across the institute.

The following information is designed to help members of GSL with their daily tasks:
  1. Public Safety (Police and Security)
  2. Financial & Administration
    • GSL’s Financial Review & Control
    • Forms & Resources
      • Travel and reimbursement
    • Buying & Paying
    • Cognos Reports
  3. GSL Systems Administration (hardware and software, connectivity, services, telephones, security policies and more.
    • Room Reservation & GSL Calendar
  4. Mail Services & Office Supplies
  5. Parking & Transit
  6. Transport & Receiving
  7. Printing & Publishing
  8. Facilities

* Policies, procedures and benefits are subject to change in accordance with School and Institute delegations of authority.