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Homoparentalités: approches scientifiques et politique


Co-edited with Anne Cadoret, Martine Gross and Caroline Mécary, Homoparentalités are the proceedings of an international conference on gay parenting organized in October 2005 by the four editors of the volume. The book compares not only different parenting types (co-parenting, assisted procreation, adoption, surrogacy, etc.), but also social movements and laws in many European countries and worldwide. With more than forty articles, it is the most extensive contribution to the study of gay parenting published in French. Among the contributors: Kees Waadijk, Petra de Sutter, Andrew Yip, Stephen Whittle, Alain-Charles Van Gysel, Sigrun Saur Stiklestad, Francesc Jaurena, Daniel Borrillo, Line Chamberland, Jacques Commaille, etc. Forewords by Bertrand Delanoë, former mayor of Paris, and Françoise Tulkens, Justice at the European Court of Human Rights.