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Homosexualité. Dix clés pour comprendre, vingt textes à découvrir


Homosexualité is an anthology of texts on homosexual cultures, rights, and identities. The book analyzes ten themes (The History of a Category; Homophobia; Health; Family; School, etc.) and introduces a variety of texts for each of them. Homosexualité combines reference contributions in philosophy (Plato, Bentham, Freud, Sartre, Beauvoir, Foucault, Wittig, etc.,); classical (Genet, Balwin, Guibert, etc.) and more contemporary literary pieces (Bouraoui, Honoré, etc.); also political contributions, gay friendly as well as homophobic (Himmler, Vive la Révolution, Badinter, etc.). Some forgotten or rare poems are part of this short anthology too, like Pontus de Tyard’s and Vivien’s. Forewords by Jack Lang, former French Minister of Culture and Education.