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The Chinese Program offers extensive training in Mandarin Chinese, with two distinct tracks for heritage learners (Streamlined) and non-heritage learners (Regular). Upon completion of three years of training, students will have a sound working knowledge of Mandarin, equipping them to work or study in Chinese societies.

Our Chinese Program uses innovative pedagogical methods and values integrated learning of language and culture at all levels. Students engage in learning activities that enable them to become proficient in aural comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing. Educational technologies such as multimedia projects developed by our own instructors are used in many Chinese classes to enhance language learning and to help students explore Chinese cultures and societies.

In addition to the program of language study, the Chinese Program offers a wide range of courses on Chinese culture, history and society taught in English. Our courses cover everything from the classics of traditional Chinese literature to advertising and internet culture in contemporary China. We also offer courses dealing with Chinese immigration to the United States.

With the growing importance of Greater China on the global stage, the study of Chinese language and culture has taken on a new urgency in the United States. Like many other academic institutions, MIT is committed to developing and expanding our Chinese program in the future.


Current Semester Language Brochure containing advisor, staff, subject schedule and upcoming schedule information.

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