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The ELS program is a regular academic program and is open only to matriculating MIT students.

Our grade- and credit-bearing classes meet according to the MIT academic calendar and involve homework and exams. Our curriculum is designed for non-native English speakers to foster effective communication in a variety of academic and professional contexts. Any bilingual/ESL undergraduate or graduate student earning a degree at MIT can register for an ELS subject.

Current Semester Language Brochure containing advisor, staff, subject schedule and upcoming schedule information.

(Print at 85% scale)


Information on the English Evaluation Test for accepted, incoming international graduate students.


Students from outside the MIT community are NOT accepted in the ELS program.


See the links below for resources at MIT for language study and for ESL programs in the metro-Boston area:

The Writing and Communication Center
The Language Conversation Exchange
Other English language (non-MIT)
Private study with a tutor