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Here are some points you should know about the MIT Japanese Language and Culture Program.

Use of Technology for Language Learning

The Japanese language program at MIT uses technologically advanced methods to help students acquire language skills quickly and effectively.  Our students who study Japanese at MIT use the Web on a daily basis to do assignments using the interactive exercises developed at MIT.  Our language program has three levels (elementary, intermediate, and advanced levels), and the curriculum of each level aims to develop four language skills (i.e., speaking/listening/reading/writing).  We also focus on the development of so-called “communicative skills” of the Japanese language. 


Learning Language and Culture Side-by-Side

We believe that language is a tool to interact and communicate with the people of the language and that language learning needs to take place together with learning the culture of the language.  The Japanese program at MIT offers a wide variety of cultural courses (e.g., Anime, Japanese Popular Culture, Politics, History, etc.), and students can enjoy learning various aspects of the Japanese culture while learning the language. 


Student-centered Language Curriculum

The Japanese language teachers are continuously adopting innovative pedagogical methods, while encouraging active and collaborative learning by students.  We are flexible in terms of curriculum designs to meet students’ individual needs.


Placement Test

Students who did not take Japanese at MIT previously must take a placement test. For details, contact Japanese language staff before the semester starts.


Current Semester Language Brochure containing advisor, staff, subject schedule and upcoming schedule information.  (Print at 85% scale)