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Le Choix de l’homosexualité. Recherches inédites sur la question gay et lesbienne


Le Choix de l’homosexualité presents the work of a young generation of researchers who contribute to the development of gay and lesbian studies in France. The book introduces a variety of contributions in the social sciences and the humanities: The Erotic Sunkrisis in Pseudo-Lucian’s Work; Homosexuality and Christian Friendship in the late Antiquity and Middle-Age; The Movement of Women in Black in Palestine; Aids and the Reconfiguration of Gay Identities in France; Gay Commercial Scene in Contemporary Paris; The Celebrations of Civil Unions in France; Lesbian Mothers and the Sense of Kinship; etc. Le Choix de l’homosexualité also opens a dialog between this new generation and internationally recognized authors who also contributed to the volume, such as Remi Lenoir, Marie-Elizabeth Handman, Michael Lucey, and Judith Butler.