Jing Wang's research featured

July 25, 2015

Blogger Laura Anca Chichisan

Blogger Laura Anca Chichisan wrote in Medium, drew attention to a rpaper by Jing Wang in Lessons from Chinese grassroots media, published July 25, 2015.

Chichisan writes, "Recently I stumbled upon a paper by MIT professor Jing Wang called “NGO 2.0 and Social Media Praxis: Activist as Researcher.” I was initially drawn to this article because I too am trying to figure out how I can combine research with activism, and in my case, also creative projects. Wang launched the project NGO 2.0 to assist Chinese nonprofits with media and digital literacy. Research is one of the major components of the project, and several surveys show, to a degree, ways in which Chinese nonprofits have claimed the digital space despite censorship and other hurdles. Besides pointing out some of the blind spots of participatory action research (PAR) — one of the most progressive research methodologies where researchers and community members collaborate on research that aims to empower the community in some way — I wanted to share with you lessons that any NGO or activist can consider no matter where they are located or the cause they are fighting for."

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