On Diversity

Global Studies and Languages values diversity and inclusion of our students, faculty, and staff with regard to their backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. Diversity and inclusion are furthermore central to our curriculum, with many of our subjects dedicated to multicultural perspectives, or questions of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, religion, class, ability, and social justice.

In concert with MIT-wide efforts to build a more welcoming, inclusive MIT, we affirm to the utmost that "while the quality of our students’ work is important, their mental and physical health is most important.” And we add that this holds true for all in our community. As part of our long-term commitment to diversity and inclusion, we are implementing an action plan to substantially increase our minority faculty representation, and to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion among our students, other academic and administrative staff. This plan includes the appointment of a faculty member and a Senior Lecturer to serve as the Section Diversity Representatives, to work in conjunction with the Head and AO, the MIT ICEO, and Human Resources to advance goals as outlined in the SHASS Report of the Committee on the Status of Women Faculty (March 2002), the Report on the Initiative for Faculty Race and Diversity (February 2010), and the Report of the Institute Community and Equity Officer: Advancing a Respectful and Caring Community (February 2015). Additionally, an Equal Opportunity Officer will be appointed for all faculty searches. We will review the strategic plan and our progress periodically with the SHASS Dean's Office, ICEO, and the Humanities Visiting Committee.