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Penser l'adoption. La gouvernance pastorale du genre


For the past thirty years, bioethics committees in France have promoted a greater focus on biology. The body has literally become sacred. Surrogacy is in fact forbidden, and assisted procreation is limited to sterile heterosexual couples. Adoption is often described as a site of resistance, for an adopted child can have from one to four legal parents (adoptive families –single people or married couples – can either replace biological families or be added to them.) However, by rewriting the civil status of the adopted child as if he/she were born from his/her adoptive parents, adoption also pays tribute to biological filiation. Penser l’adoption argues that adoption policies question the biological drift of French law, but also the imagined national community. By questioning stereotypes with regards to gender, race, and sexuality, Penser l’adoption asks how adoption reshapes kinship and belonging.