Global Languages instructors and affiliated faculty prepare students to be engaged global citizens, ready to live and work in an increasingly interconnected and multicultural world. Global Languages interdisciplinary teaching and educational activities draw on diverse perspectives and methodologies from the humanities, arts, and social sciences, as well as the latest in technological tools to augment language teaching and learning.

Global Languages Members

  • Director, Global Languages
  • Professor of the Practice of German and Second Language Studies
  • Senior Lecturer in Japanese
  • Lecturer, Studies in International Literatures and Cultures
  • Senior Director, Global Initiatives
  • Systems Administrator and Instructional Technologist
  • Director of Administration and Finance
  • Senior Lecturer in French
  • Senior Lecturer in Spanish
  • Senior Lecturer in German
  • Senior Lecturer in Korean
  • Senior Lecturer in Russian
  • Senior Lecturer in Chinese
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Undergraduate Academic Administrator


  • Senior Lecturer Emerita in German
  • Ann F. Friedlaender Professor Emerita in the Humanities
  • Senior Lecturer Emerita in English Language Studies
  • Senior Lecturer Emerita in French
  • Professor Emerita of Spanish and Latin American Studies
  • Senior Lecturer Emerita in Spanish
  • Senior Lecturer Emerita in French
  • Senior Lecturer Emeritus in Spanish
  • John E. Burchard Professor Emeritus of the Humanities
  • Senior Lecturer Emeritus in Chinese

In memoriam

  • S. C. Fang Professor of Chinese Language and Culture