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Julian Wheatley majored in linguistics (BA 1969) at Columbia College; studied Chinese in Taiwan and then took short-term teaching positions at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Hong Kong Baptist College. Attended graduate school at UC Berkeley; obtained an MA (1976) and PhD (1982) in linguistics, completing a dissertation on the Burmese language. He taught linguistics and/or East and Southeast Asian languages at UC Berkeley (1983), California State University at Fresno (1983-5), Cornell University (1985-86 and 87-97) and MIT (from 1997). Fulbright Fellow, Singapore, 1986-87. Research interests include the historical and descriptive aspects of the Sino-Tibetan family of languages, and foreign language learning and teaching. He was a coordinator of the Chinese Language and Culture Program in Foreign Languages and Literatures section (predecessor to Global Studies and Languages).