Lecturer in English Language Studies

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M, T 2:15 – 3:15

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Eric Grunwald is a lecturer in MIT's English Language Studies Program and teaches a variety of communication courses for undergraduates and graduate students, including Expository Composition for Bilingual Students; Speaking, Listening, and Pronunciation; and graduate-level scientific and technical writing.

Having done significant scientific and technological coursework as a Stanford undergraduate, having lived overseas, and being now an active fiction writer and translator, Grunwald relishes the opportunity MIT offers him to bring these interests to bear. Working with students across the disciplines, he can help them with not only their general academic English but specific difficulties they may have in their discipline. 

Grunwald’s creative writing also informs his belief in the importance of process writing, and he designed a website ( for instructing students in the use of a formal writing process. 

He has also been a judge for the section’s Awards for Excellence and the Isabelle de Courtivron Prize.

Research Areas / Expertise: Second-language writing, process writing, creative writing.

1999 M.A. Boston University
1990 B.A. Stanford University