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Prior to coming to MIT, Anh Nguyen was a Lecturer of German Studies at Smith College, where she taught German language, culture, and literature, from the beginning to the advanced levels. Before assuming her position at Smith, she taught at Harvard and MIT. During the academic year 2016-17, she was a Visiting Associate at the Center for Literary and Cultural Research in Berlin.

Dr. Nguyen’s teaching and research interests revolve around the issue of diversity. Her 2014 doctoral thesis examines how early-modern and Enlightenment German texts as well as the early twentieth century philosophy of Wittgenstein can inform current debates about transgender identity. She is currently working on an article that investigates subversive multilingualism in the work of Yoko Tawada and Tomer Gardi, which is based on a recently-taught class on “Multilingualism and Diversity in German Culture and Literature.