MIT Open Documentary Lab

The MIT Open Documentary Lab (ODL) seeks to redefine the relationships among documentary makers, their tools, subjects and publics.  It looks beyond the traditional linear documentary, focusing instead on the possibilities of the emerging technology scene.  The Lab considers the roles of interactive, locative, and immersive media, including virtual and augmented reality; it makes use of the many data streams available in today’s sensor-rich environment; and it explores the possibilities for meaningful participation by the ‘people formerly known as the audience’.  The Open Doc Lab is a platform for change, bringing together international storytellers, scholars, technologists, and critics; and intervening in festivals, the world’s leading journalistic and media organizations, and in ordinary communities.  It carries out research, offers academic courses, issues white papers, organizes conferences and workshops, and provides resources for the field. The Lab seeks to enhance participation in – and the power of – the critical representation of reality.

Project Lead 

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